Magnifying “WEWORLD” Together With SEEDS

Magnifying “WEWORLD” Together With SEEDS

The intention of this campaign proposal is to introduce, educate, and share SEEDS and the Regenerative Renaissance with the WEWorld Network community and to spread Seeds to WEWorld Network’s existing and new community members. In addition to this campaign proposal, we are submitting an ​alliance grant ​proposal to accelerate the Regenerative Renaissance by expanding our community.

WEWorld Network community members currently reside globally in all continents. We intend to enhance the visibility of SEEDS in all our media and events, offering sponsorships and discounts and promoting Seeds as our preferred form of payment.

WHO IS WEWORLD NETWORK? WEWorld Network is a global heart-based business community of joyful, abundance-minded entrepreneurs. working collaboratively for the highest good of all. Our vision is to create world peace through business while celebrating the balance of the masculine and feminine heart and soul. At its core, WEWorld Network encourages entrepreneurs to express their purpose, joy, and love in the work they do while being who they are innately within a safe and trusted space. Here, all entrepreneurs, whether they are veterans or just starting out, can be valued, connected, inspired, and empowered. Currently, we have 2000+ members globally. For more information, please visit ​​ and ​

**HOW IS WEWORLD NETWORK CONTRIBUTING IN THE REGENERATIVE RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT? **We envision it to be more than a networking, social get-together, and business referrals-focused network. WEWorld Network is a place to learn about yourself, a place of empowering others and self, a place to grow together, a place where you are safe to just be, and a place to share your deepest fears and wins, your messages, and your purpose here on earth. Leadership Circle members meet once or twice a month, to gather and celebrate each other. Within the Leadership Circle, members are encouraged to create the following circles: Heart Circle.​ One of the many places you can express your purpose, joy, and love. Pay it forward through specific community service projects that are close to your heart and fulfill your soul. Play Circle.​ Don’t take life too seriously. Learn to be present and experience things as is through play. By playing, you can have absolute joy when you are authentic and true to yourself. Fellowship Circle.​ Quarterly social event. Meet and collaborate with other circles in your region or country. Create new alliances, share successes and struggles, and get inspired to reach new heights. Business Circle.​ A half-day or full-day of business training depending on the content. Contribute and share knowledge and skills, and network.

In addition, WEWorld Network offers a yearly, FREE,  online global summit called LUMINATE.  Successful entrepreneurs and global leaders share some of the tools and tips that underpin their success. Speakers talk about what nourishes their soul and well-being while being an entrepreneur and leader. Keynote speakers and presenters share stories of the positive and powerful impacts they are creating in their communities and the world. (

Some of the highlights of LUMINATE are:

  • All aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are welcome.
  • Live event (recording available for those who have registered).
  • 100% pitch-free. We do not allow “up-selling” of services or products.
  • Free products and services are offered by speakers during the live sessions.
  • Gain access to WEWorld Network’s private Facebook group to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world.

In November 2020, WEWORLD NETWORK began supporting the SEEDS ecosystem through one of its annual events called LUMINATE and distributed Seeds to 500 attendees and 27 speakers.​ Through this event, we onboarded several organizations to the SEEDS ecosystem - Shakti Leadership, Future Capital, Home for Humanity, Wonderland Entertainment, Queen of Ghana, and so on.

WHAT VALUE ARE WE OFFERING TO THE SEEDS COMMUNITY AND REGENERATIVE MOVEMENT? WEWorld Network will accelerate the impact of SEEDS and the Regenerative Renaissance in three key aspects: 1. Bringing the feminine wisdom to business to bring balance to the masculine energy currently pervasive in business.

2. Supporting entrepreneurs with the strategic imperative to create a healthier society and a regenerative planet.

3. Advancing the SEEDS community through our Leadership Circles and events including our premier annual online FREE global summit - LUMINATE.

**HOW ARE WE DISTRIBUTING THE SEEDS WE ARE ASKING FOR? **SEEDS and WEWorld, through our collaboration, can distribute Seeds, promote the regenerative renaissance, increase our presence and grow our community.

We are requesting ​314482 Seeds​ from the SEEDS community so that we can: 1. Fund an initial injection of Seeds into the WEWorld Network internal economy. Existing WEWorld Network members would be given 111 Seeds each, and new members to be given 111 Seeds when they join. “Joining” in this context means committing to a monthly membership fee in local currency to support the meeting. Each membership fee collected is typically divided into 60% goes to venue rental and snacks provided during the meeting, 20% goes to the Facilitator of the circle and 20% is put aside as a pool fund to support the creation of a new circle in a new location/city/region. Within our internal economy, Seeds transactions negotiated between members might include: a. pay their membership fees with Seeds b. exchanges for their products and services c. sponsoring someone to join a Leadership Circle d. contributing to a new Leadership circle 2500 community members x 111 seeds = ​277500 Seeds

2. Reward our presenters at our Leadership Circles Each Presenter - 999 Seeds Total Leadership Circle meetings for 3 Lunar Cycle = 9 9 x 999 Seeds = ​8991 Seeds

3. Reward our Leadership Circle team for organizing the Leadership Circles Total Leadership Circle meetings for 3 Lunar Cycle = 9 9 x 999 Seeds = ​8991 SeedsHi

4. Campaign Fund Management includes the efforts to send the invitations, follow up, and onboard the community 2 Managers x 5000 Seeds = ​10000 Seeds

While SEEDS is building a new model that works for all humanity, WEWorld Network complements the Regenerative Renaissance by supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to become part of the SEEDS community and to incorporate Seeds into their business as a preferred payment method thereby creating a healthier society and advancing the regenerative renaissance. We would appreciate your support and Thank YOU!

In Peace & Joy, WEWorld Network Team (Please visit the website for more information about the WEWorld Network team - http://www,​)