We are Sound Prosperity Marondera Zimbabwe a voluntary social organization formed in an urban setup in Marondera, Mashonaland East Province in Zimbabwe. We are committed to maintaining our environment and recycling of waste in a bid to building a clean environment and repopulate the forests which are now deserts. We are planning on embarking on a journey to new things by joining Seeds, a regenerative currency which we believe is the game changer in our day to day living and in the plans that we have.

We would like to on-board our community which has an approximate number of 500 individuals hence use a simple system which will allow them to be rewarded with seeds.

In four phases which are:

  1. Picking up seeds
  2. Planting seeds
  3. Maintaining the seedbed
  4. Grafting the grown seeds

Phase 1 We would allow individuals to pick up seeds of mainly fruit trees especially Avocados, Peaches, Lemons, Paw Paws, Litchi, Mangoes, Each individual will be awarded 200 seeds for every 100 seeds picked. These seeds will be used as follows, 100 seeds for on boarding and 100 seeds to show appreciation this stage is supposed to benefit 100 individuals hence 200seeds×100 people=20 000seeds

Phase 2 Planting of seeds requires knowledge of seeds and understanding hence at this stage we will have to on-board another 100 new individuals to plant the seeds who are committed to making this project a reality. For each 50 seeds planted we will reward each individual 100 seeds meaning we will award 100 seeds to each individual for the participation and on-boarding and 100 seeds for each 50 planted seeds. Meaning 50seeds×2×100seeds×100people=100 000 seeds for planting and 10 000 seeds for on-boarding 100 people During this phase we will also reward 10 individuals with 200 seeds each for preparing where the seeds will be planted i.e. seedbed or seeds pockets then 100 seeds each for on boarding. Here we say 10people×200seeds=2000seeds for preparing the seedbed and 10people×100seeds=1000 seeds for on boarding.

Phase 3 Involves maintaining of the seedbed for the number of weeks specified for each seed to germinate. The 10 people from phase 2 will do this and get rewarded with 500 seeds each for the complete process. Meaning 10people ×500seeds= 5000seeds for maintenance of the seedbed.

Phase 4 After a mature and proper implementation of phases 1 to 3 we will search for 5 individuals with grafting knowledge and on-board each with 100 seeds and 2000 seeds each for all the surviving seedlings. Here it means 5people×100seeds=500seeds for on boarding and 5people×2000seeds=10 000seeds for grafting. After all this is said, we still need to consider the materials needed for the seedbed which will cover 25×25metres including a covering net covering 30×30metres, 10×2metres treated poles, seed pockets and/or seed floating trays, watering can and manure which are all valued at 16 000 seeds at the time of writing this proposal. This amount will be requested as fiat or asked for material in exchange for seeds with people who are already part of the Seeds community who can assist with the mentioned materials. Administration of the project needs 20 000seeds includes data, book keeping and monitoring charts.

Total amount of seeds from phase 1 to 4 and material Phase 1 20 000 seeds Phase 2 113 000 seeds Phase 3 5 000 seeds Phase 4 10 500 seeds Materials 20 000 seeds Admin 20 000 seeds Total 188 500seeds