Seeds Deployment for 5,000 people in Vilcabamba

Seeds Deployment for 5,000 people in Vilcabamba


**SUMMARY **This campaign grant leverages our existing relationships between Finca Sagrada, KINSHIP Earth, the Global Transformation Corps, and the Watershed Wisdom Council. Notably, this program also holds the teachings of the Kogi Elders as they have established a “Spirit House of Original Thought” on Sacred Land. It is the synergistic convergence of 4 well developed ‘Regenerative Earth’ visions coming together on 1 Sacred Farm to provide 3 additional missing vital elements for the enhancement of the 3 existing SEEDS Grants providing for the Upper Catamayo River Watershed Regeneration Project. It is the combined effort of the four different groups who are all pledged to work with and deploy Seeds as the primary purpose of this grant proposal. We are sowing Seeds to empower youth leaders and young entrepreneurs "on the ground" in Vilcabamba to catalyze a circular SEEDS economy within the 5,000 person village and surrounding Watershed area in Ecuador, where Susan Davis Moora and Walter Moora have already established a living template of sustainability. The process will be documented and shared freely as a replicable model for a Seeds-based regenerative bioregion.

*** How will these Seeds be used? **How do people participate? The Upper Catamayo River Watershed Regeneration Project in Vilcabamba, Ecuador is a collaboration of local and foreign citizens coming together to create a master plan for regenerating this vital Watershed. This project is led by Walter Moora, head of Finca Sagrada and funded in part by SEEDS. The current grant will strengthen and deepen these efforts. Susan and Walter have already revitalized Finca Sagrada in creating a biodynamic farm and organic gardens on this special site which has been recognized as sacred by the world-renowned Indigenous Kogi Elders. The Kogi people are one of the few remaining Indigenous tribes that has never been colonized by invading regimes. The Kogi still maintain their ancient traditions, including their “Spirit House”, and they continue to guide Finca Sagrada. Link to Message from the Kogi Elder Brothers Susan and Walter have worked with guidance from the Kogi elders to manifest a Spirit House on Finca Sagrada with an eternal flame. In three years, only 3 times has it gone out. The Kogi’s understanding of the forgotten cosmic nature of Water as a living being is profound. With their agreement and permission, we hope to respectfully incorporate whatever Watershed Wisdom they choose to share with the world. See detailed usage of the Seeds in this Campaign grant at this link:

* How will this serve the regenerative movement? The Vilcabamba Project is an evolving model of a regenerative ecosystem. It incorporates four elements necessary for systemic change: engaging with conscious intention, generating values based impact driven ventures, being in harmony with the Watershed and the environment, and encouraging sustainability among people for both profitable ventures and the planet, all the while introducing an equitable regenerative currency to support this entire ecosystem.

* How many people will benefit from this campaign? 5000