Revival of traditions through SEEDS vision

Revival of traditions through SEEDS vision

* What is the proposal? In this proposal we are asking for 550 000 Seeds to be able to empower the inhabitants of one village (about 250 people taking part) through land based training and support their SEEDS journey by setting up a tech support/admin hub for assisting with SEEDS related enquiries including technical difficulties. Please read full proposal:

*** How will these Seeds be used? How do people participate? **Seeds will be used to onboard the majority of the village people onto the system and reward participants for undertaking the training as well as for essential technical infrastructure that can be purchased using Seeds currency.

* How will this serve the regenerative movement? We believe trust and education are keys to bringing in positive change. Through land based training people are learning about organic ways of agriculture, including creating fertilisers and how to preserve and store the harvest. Involving the village elders enables younger generations to learn about the nearly lost tradition of Zunde Ramambo.

* How many people will benefit from this campaign? 250

* Why are you asking for this amount? To allow onboard and train the people in the village and build out basic admin and tech infrastructure that can be replicated in other rural communities.