People Of A Future World

People Of A Future World

One year. 365 days. 52 weeks. 52 interviews. Interviews with 52 people who stand for the future world we want to live in. A journey through fundamental questions: HOW DO WE FIND INNER BALANCE? WHAT MAKES US HUMAN? HOW DO WE WANT TO LIVE?

‘People of a future world’ represents humans from all walks of life. Scientists, visionaries, pioneers, masterminds, go-getters and change makers. People from all over who move us and teach us.

‘People of a future world’ inspires and shares knowledge by featuring personal life stories, scientifically based information and old indigenous wisdom. Building bridges between intuitive wisdom and our modern high-tech society.

Each interview partner will be rewarded 1,000 Seeds for sharing his or her wisdom and to invite and promote the movement in their communities. Each audience/community member will be rewarded 100 Seeds if she or he ... √ subscribes to Youtube channel, Instagram Page or Online Newsletter √ makes a post on their social media(s) sharing an interview of ‘People Of A Future World’ including hashtags #peopleofafutureworld #regeneneratewithseeds (tbd with storytelling) or with a link to @regeneratewithseeds and @ssncy_org √ signs up to SEEDS passport and introduces him-/herself in the forum in the category “campaigns” (tbd.) along with a link to the social media post

Gift of 1,500 Seeds per lunar cycle for three persons to manage the campaign, including reporting and support for the next year: 12 x 4,500 Seeds = 50,000 Seeds (rounded)

-> This adds up to a total of 200,000 Seeds for the campaign. Please read the detailed campaign proposal in the linked document.